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Have you noticed the "refresh" of our office decor, courtesy of our interior decorator Kim? Did you wonder what brought this on? Well, "Refresh Yourself" is a new theme at our clinic, and it is only appropriate that the clinic itself gets the beauty treatment first.

For the convenience of our patients, after the threat of COVID-19 softens, we will offer Cosmetic Procedures as part of our comprehensive patient services. These procedures, including Botox and Juvederm to address active and passive wrinkles, acknowledge some of our needs to roll back the superficial effects of time and experience. We feel it is an advantage to have these procedures in our comfortable surroundings performed by familiar medical professionals.

Home Towne Beauty is a subsidiary of Home Towne Family Medicine and primarily serves its existing patient base.

To make an appointment for Home Towne Beauty, please call the main clinic number and specifically ask to be scheduled for a beauty visit.

Home Towne Beauty has it's own mini-website. You can browse it's FAQs page to learn a little more about Juvederm (dermal filler) and Botox.

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