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HTFM Logo 

Mission :

To provide residents of South King County a local medical clinic experience that uniquely combines technological competence and personalized service in a relaxed healing environment.

Vision :  

To use Home Towne Family Medicine as a model for other medical clinics in order to transform primary health care from the service economy to the experience economy.

Goals :  

  • To retain current patient base and provide them with higher availability and better service
  • To expand services to patients who are ready to move to an experience model
  • To recruit providers who share similar missions and values


Generic Clinic U.S.A.:

Their Way

You have all seen it, or heard patients complaining about it.  Doctors' offices with generic waiting rooms, where patients wait for hours, reading proverbial magazines from yesteryear, waiting for their names to be called, wondering when they would be seen.  Patients who say they cannot get in to see their doctor for days or weeks. 

We had such experiences too, and wanted to make Home Towne Family Medicine a different kind of clinic.  We wanted to make patients comfortable and feel pampered.  We want them to be able to say that they get the attention they want, when they want.  Of course, we still want to deliver the most up to date medical care in the compassionate way that you expect from your old family doctor.

Home Towne Family Medicine:

A Different Kind of Clinic

Mount RanierExperience Economy : How is Starbucks better than McDonalds?  Is it just superior coffee beans?  No, it's the entire experience of being in a comfortable surrounding, with ambience that is worth the trip.  We want to make your visit to Home Towne Family Medicine to be a unique healing experience.

Downtown Medicine, Home Towne Feel : We want you to feel like a pampered guest when you arrive.  Our clinic has the look and feel of a spa, through a combination of colors, soothing sounds, and relaxing aromas.  Audiovisual entertainment, an eclectic library, and complimentary snacks and beverages complete the image.  Our expectation is that you leave our clinic feeling rejuvenated and reenergized.  It is important to note that this is achieved while offering a quality of care no less than any downtown clinic.

Personalized Care : A major tenet of Home Towne Family Medicine is continuity of care.  Only through long term longitudinal personal relationships can we formulate a comprehensive health care plan.  In previous clinics, it has been difficult for the patients to know the clinic staff and vise versa.  We hope that the stable setting of this family clinic can improve on that interaction.

An Ounce of Prevention : I am not sure we have a pound of cure in any case.  The best we can do in most diseases is to prevent them or slow them down through healthy life styles and the old saw about diet and exercise.  We can help with our gentle prodding, periodic reviews, judicious use of supplements and alternative therapies. 

Seahurst TreesHolistic :
Speaking of that, we keep up with the latest and broadest therapies.  After careful evaluation, we endorse all therapies that have good evidence of success without significant adverse effects.  As in any other medical treatment, one has to weigh benefits versus risk, and effects versus side effects.  I once heard a radio commercial for a weight loss product that said, "Because it's natural, it has no side effects".  I hope you all know that being natural does not guarantee lack of side effects, and especially lack of interaction with other therapies.