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Clinic Map

Directions :

The clinic is centrally located at the corner of 156th Street and 3rd Avenue in Burien.   From 1st Avenue, go west on 156th Street and turn right on 3rd Avenue, then take the next driveway on the right to turn into the parking lot.  The clinic is through the door in front of the center of the parking lot, as seen in the picture to the right.

Google Maps:

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Fery fron Lincoln Park.
Parking Lot Entrance
Home Towne Family Medicine
15580 SW 3rd Avenue
Suite 101
Burien, WA

:     206.453.4215

We use an automated phone system with auto-attendants, otherwise known as a phone tree.  When you first dial in, press:

    1 - for front desk, appointments

    2 - to hear what to do for
       prescription refills

    3 - for Medical Assistants
       then 2 for Dr Johnson's MA
       or 3 for Dr Choi's MA

    4 - for Billing

    5 - for Medical Records

Please leave a message if no one answers any of the above lines.  If the person responsible for your voice messages has not responded by the end of the next business day, or if your needs are more urgent, please call back and press 1 to talk to the front desk.

:                 206.453.4234

We use an electronic fax system (Updox) so the 'fax machine' is always up with no paper jams or busy signals!

: (not secure)

You can email us if that is your preferred method of communication.  Our director or manager will be happy to help you. 

Please consider using the patient portal (below) for exchange of sensitive personal or medical information in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.

  Director - Kim 

  Manager - Whitney 

Patient Portal
: (secure)

We have a Patient Portal for secure messaging and document transfer.  This provides a HIPAA-compliant way to discuss medical matters and obtain documents such as lab reports. 

We automatically create an account for you on this portal when we put your email address in our electronic medical record. Your email address is your user name. You will receive an email with instructions after your account is created.  For questions please contact Whitney.

The Patient Portal URL is:

Pictorial Directions:

Option A) View of Clinic driving west from 1st Avenue on 156th.  Turn right on 3rd Avenue.
Driving from 1st Ave, going west
Option B) View of Clinic driving east from 4th Avenue on 156th.  Turn left on 3rd Avenue.
Driving from 4th Ave on 156th, going east
Option C) View of Clinic driving north from Azteca on Ambaum Extension and 156th. Go straight and Ambaum becomes 3rd Avenue.
Driving on Ambaum Extension, facing north
Turn right from 3rd Avenue north of 156th into first parking lot, then park anywhere you wish.
Parking lot.
Go through the door in the middle of the building facing the parking lot, into the hallway.
Hallway from parking lot
The front door is at the end of the hallway on your right.
Fornt door
And here you are, at the front reception.
front reception
After registration, come into the waiting area to have a beverage, a snack, read a magazine . . .
Waiting area.
. . . or just relax and watch TV.
Soon, the doctor will bring you to the exam room for your visit . . .
Exam Room
. . . or to his office to have a chat.

I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial tour.  See you soon!