Jack Choi, M.D., FAAFP

Dr. Jack Choi is the founding doctor at Home Towne Family Medicine. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, and has been in practice since 1982. Being from Canada, he believes in the five Cs of Family Medicine: Compassionate, Competent, Continuous, Comprehensive, and Community-based Care. He values patient participation in health care decisions, and is especially interested in health maintenance, disease prevention, and particularly the metabolic disorders.

Recent Professional History

Dr Choi's career started with 13 years of academic, student health, and sports medicine. To broaden his horizons and skills, he also practiced extreme rural/bush medicine in the subartic (record temperatures from 36C (97F) to -47C(-53F)) and desert country (records to 128F).

In 2008, after six years of busy practice with Highline Medical Group at West Seattle and Des Moines, as well as Chairman of the Board, Clinical Medical Director, and Medical Director of Informatics, Dr. Choi branched out to offer a new health care experience with Home Towne Family Medicine. He believed that his many patients would welcome his higher availability, central location, and more personalized service. At the same time, Dr. Choi took the position of Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) at Highline Medical Center. He retired from the CMIO position in 2012, but was called back in 2013 to be Physician Champion for Highline's conversion of its Hospital Informatin System from MEDITECH to EPIC. He is now truely retired from Highline, and rarely goes into hospital grounds as more and more of his friends have transitions away or retired.

Interests and Hobbies

In addition to his MD, Dr. Choi has a Bachelor's in Engineering Physics, and an MBA in Health Policy. He is a Fellow of AAFP, and a certified MRO. He gave up his role as AME for the FAA when he left West Seattle. He has done research in Low Temperature Physics, Plasma Physics, muscle physiology, nerve regeneration, and nerve-computer interfaces. His consulting career included TQM, Operations Research (Queuing), Paper to Computer Conversions, and EHR Implementation. His recent healthcare technology certifications include CPHIMS, and most recently CPEHR. His interests include computers, health informatics, riding scooters, and traveling. He had a vintage Airstream trailer, but recently gave away the truck and trailer combo to a family who had more time to use it.

Instead, he will use his lesure time to improve his renovation skills. He hopes to further his world travels with his loving wife, Kim.