Kim Choi

Kim, the cofounder of Home Towne Family Medicine, came to us from an extensive background of clinic management. After working for 20 years in various capacities in medical clinics in the Highline area, she retired from Highline Medical Group in 2008 as Director of Operations and Assistant Administrator.

Under her directorship and tutorage, Home Towne Family Medicine achieved never-before imagined short AR days. And yet, she managed to make us a warm and welcoming clinic for our patients, rivaling concierge clinics of the other B-town. After Brenda's unfortunately and untimely death, Kim has taken over the arduous task of billing for the clinic. Lately, as Whitney increases her clinical responsibilities, Kim is increasingly involved in managing the clinic.

In her spare time, she morphs the clinic decor according to the seasons and holidays. Lately, she has been busy transforming the clinic looks to match her brainhild - Home Towne Beauty.