Our Remote Staff

You might have noticed that there are voices answering our phones that you cannot place a face to during your visits. Or you might have sometimes received calls from California. If so, you have 'met' our remote staff.

Our California staff include Tamie and Lacy. Tamie is the multi-tasking lady in the top picture. In addition to answering phone calls, calling patients, and performing various other tasks. Tamie also has a lot of responsibilities in billing, including accounts receivable.

Lacy is our newest addition to the staff. She is helping Tamie when the phones are busiest, and is rapidly learning other duties as well. Welcome, Lacy!

We have staff working remotely for many reasons.

  • Because we can - we have the technology, and many tasks do not require physical presence in the clinic.
  • Phones - we need more people to man the phones. In-clinic personal can often be busy with patients and place calls on hold.
  • Tasks - some tasks are better delt with in concentrated blocks of time without being in a busy environment.
  • Separate location - there are advantages of being in a diffrent location, including utility outages, regional disasters, and local emergencies, to name a few.

So, if you happen to talk to Tamie or Lacy, give them a warm greeting, and exchange weather tips!