Whitney Hogan, B.S.N., R.N.,

Partnering with people as an advocate to healthcare became a vision of mine several years ago. While in high school I attended a medical class as part of my core educational credits for graduation. My instructor inspired me to further my goals in the medical field by obtaining my registered nursing license. I developed many relationships in the nursing community that helped me realize that nursing could lead to many different paths in the medical field. I found my niche working on the med/surgical floor at the hospital during my clinical training. Professionally and personally, I found the nurses in my life to be my driving force. Watching the people that provide care on a daily basis with no expectation of outcome to their efforts, push forward in life, death and crisis has fueled my passion to work in this industry and help people live their best lives by helping them make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

I enjoy meeting with new patients and re-visiting with established patients. I feel like I’ve contributed in a small way to their well being. I’ve held their hands during a loss or unfavorable diagnosis, and watched their children thrive at well child appointments, worked through signs and symptoms of disease, and administrative challenges. My passion is now fueled by the smiles, the feeling better, and the will power our patients have to get better. I love being a change champion to our patients and giving them the support to find courage to keep going and not give up the fight within the battles they may be facing. Advancing my career goals to obtaining my license to practice medicine will help me continue to partner with our patients from more of a “hands” on perspective. This will allow me to use “my thinking” to heal. I believe in working closely with patients to achieve their health goals through education, support and empowerment. My approach includes getting to know patients and their families so I can tailor care to their lives. I enjoy working with the whole family at all stages of life. It gives me a unique perspective into my patients' social and cultural environment which is central in helping achieve a better quality of health. My philosophy of care is in developing a trusting patient-provider relationship, keeping patients informed and educated, and engaging them in decision-making within the context of a patient’s life, family and community.

I will be committed to sharing my knowledge of medicine to bring about dignity and well being in people’s lives. I believe in establishing relationships that empower patients to make educated choices about their health care and lifestyles. It is my goal to add the age old skills of gentleness, thoroughness, and compassion to state of the art medical treatment.

My end game? Change lives….